Dec 8, 2021

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Societal transformation is the process of making conscious the long, slow haphazard process of social evolution. Societal transformation is possible only when our thinking is integrated. Such thinking in turn requires an integral education. We need to break down the silos of academic knowledge and organize it within a transdisciplinary framework. This session explores ways in which education can instill in youth the capacity to correlate and synthesize, to place isolated pieces of information within a cohesive framework of thought, to think from first principles, to reintegrate abstract thought with the world we live in, and apply it for societal transformation and sustainable development for all.

Piero DOMINICI, Scientific Director, International Research and Education Programme on Human Complex Systems; AFWAAS

Frank DIXON, Founder, Global System Change; FWAAS

Petra KUENKEL, Member, Executive Committee, Club of Rome

Peter SCHLOSSER, Vice President and Vice Provost, Arizona State University

Zbigniew BOCHNIARZ, Professor, Kozminski University, Warsaw, University of Washington and Harvard Business School, USA; Trustee, WAAS

Garry JACOBS, President & CEO, World Academy of Art & Science