Dec 6, 2021

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In association with GlobalMindED

Issues of economic stagnation, inequality and financial disparity have long existed but grew far worse during COVID. This session will explore how to reverse generations of global inequities by exploring what needs to change in academia, business, funding and what the diverse, emergent talent pipeline of global leaders say they most value, want and need as learners, workers and impact-makers solving the world’s toughest problems which they have inherited. Together, the communities of WAAS and GlobalMindED can set a new, inclusive standard of international collaboration by mobilizing uncommon collaborators to move the global levers of access and equity to achieve lasting impact at scale.


  • Carol CARTER, President & CEO, GlobalMindED; AFWAAS
  • Rodolfo FIORINI, Emeritus Professor, Politecnico di Milano University; Trustee, WAAS


  • Jeffrey VARGAS, President and CEO, Generationology LLC
  • Isabelle HAU, Impact Funder
  • Susan SWAYZE, Founder, Diversity Think Tank
  • Tim SHEPHARD, Vice President, Business Development Strategy & Operations, Lockheed Martin Space