Dec 7, 2021

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The COVID-19 pandemic is illustrative of the serious challenges impacting on virtually every dimension of global society today. The 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals itemize these challenges and identify 169 targets for action by the nations of the world. But they do not sufficiently account for their extreme interconnectedness and interdependencies or the necessity for integrated thinking and coordinated action. Nor do they sufficiently communicate to the general public their personal relevance and importance to every person on earth. This session explores the UN concept of Human Security which is designed to provide a comprehensive, integrated framework for understanding and effective action at the local, national and global level.

Munera YOUSUFZADA, Former Deputy Minister of Defence and Deputy Governor of Kabul; Artist and Poet

Chantal-Line CARPENTIER, Chief, UN Conference on Trade & Development, New York; FWAAS

Phoebe KOUNDOURI, President-elect, European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists; FWAAS