Private finance is playing a growing role in funding the SDGs and climate management. The report Capital as a Force for Good is based on an in-depth study in collaboration with 30 leading global financial institutions. It documents how these institutions are transforming capitalism for a more sustainable future. The study finds that finance industry leaders are increasingly choosing to be a ‘force for good’. The objective of the study is to use this evidence to stimulate corresponding changes in the broader financial sector for a sustainable future. Members of the Force for Good Project team and WAAS Fellows Ketan Patel and Lawrence Ford are key members of the Future Capital Initiative first convened at the UN in 2019 by WAAS, the UN Office for Partnerships and UNCTAD.

Systemic and Inclusive Change
Strategic Capital Allocation
Delivering Multi-stakeholder Change at Scale



This report is a well-researched assessment of the challenges confronting humanity and proposes realistic approaches to addressing the most critical of them. The application of the report’s findings can generate the confidence and determination needed to accelerate implementation of the SDGs.


This report to the World Academy of Art and Science, “Force for Good” is a Powerful Call for All in a world destabilized by the global coronavirus pandemic and its aftermath, the sense of urgency in addressing global challenges related to sustainability.

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The report identified the substantial “common ground” of actions of the finance industry leaders in doing good, and how they are breaking new ground in an ever-increasing innovative and competitive spirit and the returns from doing so.

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