In partnership with DGAgora

Ten years ago WAAS recognized the need for establishing a global virtual platform to foster emergence of a shared global social consciousness to serve as a practical means for giving voice to the views of “we the people” and to eventually serve as an instrument for conducting formal or informal global referendums and other forms of liquid democracy. This session will explore strategies, potential partnerships, organizational structure, financing and other essential requirements for giving concrete shape to this idea.

Ketan PATEL, CEO & Founder, Greater Pacific Capital; FWAAS
Mila POPOVICH, Member, WAAS Executive Committee

Liberato BAUTISTA, President, CoNGO
Tageldin HAMAD, Chair, World Association of NGOs (WANGO)
Mariana TODOROVA, Assistant Professor, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences; FWAAS
Chantal-Line CARPENTIER, Chief, UN Conference on Trade & Development, New York; FWAAS
Jerome GLENN, Co-founder & CEO, The Millennium Project; FWAAS
Andreas BUMMEL, Co-founder & Executive Director, Democracy Without Borders; FWAAS
João CARAÇA, Senior Adviser to the Board of Administration, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation; FWAAS
Pavel LUKSHA, Founder & Director, Global Education Futures Initiative; AFWAAS