In partnership with University of Sustainability

This session will explore the goals, strategies and agenda for a joint initiative of WAAS in collaboration with Fundación Cultura de Paz, Centro Fox, and the University for Sustainability to accelerate transformation to sustainable development by advancing new thinking and innovative solutions, creating pluralistic coalitions and making specific recommendations on global challenges pertaining to climate change, including peace, security, finance, environment, health and more.

Alberto ZUCCONI, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, WAAS
Kenneth STOKES, President, World Sustainability Forum

Ameenah GURIB-FAKIM, President of Mauritius (2015-2018)
Moneef R. ZOU’BI, Director General, Islamic World Academy of Sciences, Jordan; FWAAS
Abdul Hamid ZAKRI, Science Advisor to the Prime Minister of Malaysia (2010-2018); FWAAS
Hazel HENDERSON, Founder, Ethical Markets Media, USA; FWAAS
Roberto SAVIO, Patron, World Sustainability Forum
Joanna NURSE, Strategic Advisor, InterAction Council