In partnership with Youth Leadership Network

This session will explore ways to enhance intergenerational communication within WAAS and between WAAS and the external world as a means of expanding and strengthening its ties with younger generations, enhancing mutual understanding of changes taking place in the world around, and identifying more effective ways to communicate with, learn from and collaborate on joint initiatives for the common good.

Marta NEŠKOVIĆ, Doctoral Student, University of Belgrade, Serbia; JFWAAS

Luvuyo MADASA, Executive Director, ReimagineSA NPC, JFWAAS
Dora DAMJANOVIC, Founder, Youth Leadership Network; JFWAAS
Carlo LUCIANI, Founder & Co-President, Youth Leadership Network; JFWAAS
Jana AMIN, Intern, Dr. Alaa Murabit, Harvard Radcliffe Fellow; JFWAAS
Samantha MANAUSA, Research Assistant to Professor Nagan, Levin College of Law, University of Florida; JFWAAS

Stefan BRUNNHUBER, Medical Director, Diakonie Hospital, Germany; Trustee, WAAS