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5th International Conference on Future Education

Global Leadership Challenges in Higher Education for Effective Multilateralism and Sustainable Human Security

December 6 to 8, 2021

It’s time to think globally about the future of education.

Building on insights from the UN-WAAS project on Global Leadership in the 21st Century, this conference examines advances in global higher education urgently needed to strengthen multilateralism, accelerate the implementation of the 17 SDGs, and promote Sustainable Human Security for all.

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The Jena Declaration on Sustainability

Sep 09 2021

The Jena Declaration (TJD) is a call to mobilize citizens around the world in  transformations to sustainable living, enabling  rapid implementation of the SDGs before 2030.  Prominent scientists, teachers, and artists were joined by next-generation spokespersons from around the world. They explained the urgent need for this action now, what needs to be done, pathways to success and next steps.

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WAAS Mentors: Five Big Ideas to Transform Outdated Thinking and Action

Jul 16 2021

WAAS Mentors: Five Big Ideas to Transform Outdated Thinking and Action Webinar #3 on July 16, 2021   We are in the 21st Century of Existential Risk, most immediately the COVID-19 pandemicThe tentative Big Five that youth can and should embrace: In addition to a VUCA world, we live in a world of infoglut – too many …

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Global Social Transformations and the Limits to Growth in the 21st century

Jun 15 2021

Global Social Transformations and the Limits to Growth in the 21st century June 15, 2021 The COVID-19 pandemic and accelerated onset of Climate Change confirm that the need for coordinated global action has never been greater or more urgent. This global moment is without precedent. For the first time in history the understanding and aspirations …

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WAAS Mentors: TAO of finance

May 26 2021

WAAS Mentors: TAO of finance Webinar #2 on May 26, 2021 Stefan Brunnhuber is the Program Director of the WAAS Expert Group on Innovative Financial Strategies. Dr. Brunnhuber, Member of the WAAS Board of Trustees, is a socio-economist and psychiatrist who has been actively engaged in the activities for WAAS for the past five years. As an …

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Science as a Social Good

May 24 2021

Science as a Social Good Webinar #2 on May 24, 2021   The accelerating pace of scientific development has generated a widening gap and mismatch between technological capabilities, fragmented public policies, ethical standards, social equity and our capacity for cultural adaptation. New organizational models for research, policy-making, regulation and implementation are needed to identify high …

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Latin-American Meeting: Perspectives on Post Pandemic

May 12 2021

Latin-American Meeting Perspectives on Post Pandemic Online Meeting on May 12-14, 2021   The WAAS regional event “Perspectives on Post Pandemic” was organized to examine different perspectives on social, economic, political, educational and environmental matters, taking into account the plurality of realities in Latin America. Despite the sizable number of studies and analysis inspired by …

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WAAS Mentors: Mind, Thinking, Creativity

Apr 16 2021

WAAS Mentors: Mind, Thinking, Creativity Webinar #1 on Apr 16, 2021   Mind is humanity’s vital instrument for seeking knowledge. This webinar explored the nature of mind and its untapped potential, the ways of knowing, the limits to thinking and rationality, and the essence and achievements of creativity, which are essential for addressing the challenges confronting humanity …

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Democratizing Global Governance

Apr 12 2021

Democratizing Global Governance Webinar #1 on April 12, 2021   WAAS Fellow Andreas Bummel, Executive Director of Democracy Without Borders, presented three proposals which are now being advanced to the United Nations to help democratize the institutions of global governance: a UN World Citizens’ Initiative, a UN Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA), and a UN Civil Society …

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WAAS@60 – A Planetary Moment

Feb 15 2021

Conference and General Assembly on WAAS’ 60th Anniversary … Read More

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International Scientific Forum: COVID AND HUMAN SECURITY

Dec 22 2020

International Scientific Forum “COVID and Human Security” December 22, 2020  3 P.M (15.00) CET, 9 A.M (9.00) New York, 5 P.M. (17.00) Moscow  At the end of the jubilee year marking the 75th anniversary of Global Peace, UN and UNESCO born out of the devastating World War II, just on the eve of Christmas an initiative …

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Youth Leadership Day

Dec 11 2020

YOUTH LEADERSHIP DAY Global Leadership in the 21st Century WAAS & PERMSEC of the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates December 11, 2020 – Virtual E-Conference The Permanent Secretariat of the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates and the World Academy of Art and Science (WAAS) are pleased to announce an online Youth Leadership Day. The …

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Art Impact 4 Health and SDGs

Oct 20 2020

Art Impact 4 Health and SDGs Organized by the World Health Organization and other international organizations in Geneva Art Exhibit to promote healthier lifestyles The United Nations Office at Geneva and the World Health Organization in Geneva organized the exhibition “Art Impact 4 SGDs and Leadership” from 20 to 30 October 2020 at the Palais …

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